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Download most important think to play new games

Gaming prerequisite download

Hi there. Why i said in article title to download most important thing for new video games ? because is true. Directx is most important prerequisite for video games and you can download it from here or from here directly from microsoft (both links are free to download)

This is one the most important tool to play video games at maximum performance and without errors!

Gaming Directx

How to install directx correctly:

1. Download offline version and install it even if you have it already installed

2. Download and install online version! Again, install it even if you have latest version installed!

By installing latest directx web installer to download all updates including directx 11, you will solve a lot of dll missing errors and many graphics glitches.

You have already installed and you think that you don`t need ?


Install it anyway.

Enjoy latest video games without starting errors.

This method to fix game issue is free for ALL. 

Download most important think to play new games

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