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How to uninstall ATI AMD Radeon driver correctly - New Guide Free

ATI AMD Radeon free driver cleaner ! Better than a paid driver cleaner !

Hello dear visitor. How to clean the old driver traces ? 


First you need to uninstall your current driver, for easy way just download new version (latest and fastest version) of amd radeon catalyst driver from here and when the installer wil ask you what you want to do : to install or uninstall, choose uninstall of course , then download free driver cleaner from here or from here if first link is dead, and open it.

Now, after you have uninstalled your old driver, open driver cleaner from your desktop and select AMD - Display Graphics, then press Analyze then when analyse is finished, press clean and restart your Notebook or Windows PC.

amd radeon driver cleaner

Now the new amd radeon driver should work like a charm !!

Best and free driver cleaner from free market !

Also, we suggest to clean your system and registry after your clean driver traces with this one :

 Clean your System 

Best free alternative to driver cleaner , or reviver, another program to clean drivers, clean your ATI AMD Radeon driver to avoid errors, fix random errors, gain more performance if you clean your system, ATI AMD Radeon driver clean, ati driver cleaner, amd clean drivers

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