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How to test your psu or video card if have enough voltage to run games

How to fix random computer restarts or blue screen of death BSOD`s


Hello dear visitor. Do you have a computer or laptop that you make problems in video games? issues such as resets, blocking, instant windows errors with blue background and many others? Well find out that might be a problem with your power, and you can use this app to test your device.

How to test your PSU or VIdeo Card or Power Supply PSU ?

First download the test application from above, then install the app and run it.

Now select : FullScreen, your native resolution (my example is 1920x1080) then select 8x MSAA and  now burn test !

What`s happen now ? leave it to run at least 15 minutes and if nothing happen then your video card is stable and your power supply too.

But if your computer / laptop will freeze , or gets instant restart or blue screen, then your PSU is not stable and is need to change it ! BUT if your PSU is new and powerfull then maybe is your video card, but video card should have over 90 grad celsius and you need better cooling system.

How to test your psu or video card if have enough voltage to run games

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