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What is the best bomber in the game?

In this game ditch two types of bombers :

Type One

First and Standard type that is equipped with many bombs weaker or less but powerful!

Type Two

The second type of bomber is one without bombs but equipped with powerful canons and actually becomes a native fighter!

Now what`s your game style ? zoom and boom ? or you are like a shadow and choose your target, you go and destroy it then retreat away from the battlefield to recharge bombs and again choose a target and destroy it and so on?

We have to choose betwen : 

American Bomber B-24D Liberator, German Bomber He 111 H-16, Russian bomber Yer-2 ACh030B /Late, British Bomber Lancaster Mk III and Japanese Ki-49-IIb Donryu /Late

Then we have a winner for Best Bomber (real bomber)

The best bomber from the game is : Lancaster Mk III

Why ? Because is a Native Bomber !

Have a lot of bombs, you can destroy 7 destroyers ships in less than 2 min

You have good speed and is good looking plane !

What you say about our decision ?

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  • War Thunder - Video Game style : Air Combat
  • War Thunder - Video Game type : MMO -> Free to Play
  • War Thunder - Video Game Graphics : Note 10
  • War Thunder - Video Game Level Loading time : Note 5 (slow to join battle in BETA)

Which is the best bomber from war thunder game ? help me to choose one nation for best bomber, need to decide, compare bombers, how to distinct best bomber ?

War Thunder - Best Bomber from all Nations

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