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War Thunder - Best Nation at Rank 8 / Tier 8


Hello Comrades. Want to know which nation is better, stronger at rank 8 in Thunder War game? Want to know if the American squad is good enough to rank 6 and the aircraft is better? Want to know who are 4 best aircraft at rank 8? Well then here you will find the best.

War Military Aviation Video Game

American Air Force Rank VIII

American Nation have : 3 Fighters and 1 Bomber (we show you only the best) 

Bombers / Atackers : TBF-1c Avenger Fighter : P-39Q-5 Aircobra ; F4F-4 Wildcat ; F4F-3 Wildcat

Bombers / Atackers

TBF-1c Avenger


P-39Q-5 Aircobra


F4F-4 Wildcat


F6F-3 Hellcat

American Squadron at Rank 8 : Best four Aircrafts

We think that best plane from American Nation at Rank 6 is :

P-39Q-5 Aircobra (again like in tier 6)

Why ? Bigger cannon and very good speed and turning time.

What you say about our decision ?

American Air Force at rank 8

See here winner nation of RANK 8

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