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Guide and Downloads to optimize your Notebook

Optimize your Notebook for Free, sounds good ? TRUE !


First Step is to download and install Latest Stable Video Graphics Driver all the time !

Improve your Notebook performance in Video Games and Internet Browsing

Intel HD Graphics

Intel HD Graphics how to improve quality and performance ? see guide and download

Nvidia GeForce

How to uninstall Nvidia GeForce driver Correctly - Gude and download

Latest Updated driver ! Nvidia GeForce Whql driver version 314.22 available for download


Nvidia GeForce BETA driver version 314.07 available for download

Nvidia GeForce BETA driver version 313.95 available for  download

Nvidia GeForce Graphics how to improve quality and performance ? see guide and download


  • New Latest AMD Radeon driver ! ATI AMD Radeon 13.3 beta 3  - download it
  • Archive
  • ATI AMD Radeon 13.2 beta 6 driver is now available for download - download it
  • ATI AMD Radeon 13.2 beta4 driver is now available for download - download it
  • New BETA3 driver released !  AMD Radeon version 13.2 BETA3  download it
  • New BETA driver released ! version 13.2 BETA and you can download it
  • How to uninstall ATI AMD Radeon driver Correctly - Gude and download
  • New AMD Radeon driver available ! Version 13.1 has been released today !  download

Realtek High Definition (HD)

Improve Sound Quality and Effects in Windows 8 and Windows 7

Realtek New driver available for Notebooks and Windows PC`s ? see guide and download

Free Guides

How to uninstall Realtek HD Audio driver - Guide and download 

How to improve windows loading time and make it to copy faster - Guide and Download 

Special Gaming Driver Tweaks


                  Warframe                       The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim              Darkfall: Unholy Wars 


                StarDrive 2013                         Dead Island Riptide                      BioShock Infinite 

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 General Gaming Tweaker 

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Intel HD Graphics new driver


Nvidia GeForce new driver


AMD HD Radeon newest driver


How to repair a video game :

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