War Thunder

Military  ww II war Aviation FREE GAME

Video Game name : War Thunder

Platform : PC Windows

Type : Free to Play Online Flight WW 2 Battles

Driver Version : 12.3 Beta 5 Official BETA

Hardware : ATI AMD Radeon GPU


If you play the video game War Thunder with a AMD Radeon video card , then you need to download and install latest driver every time. But if you do not have any issue in game like lag, shuttering, flickering or some lightining in your gameplay, then is not need to install this driver , but if you have ANY issues then we recommend to download and install 12.3 Beta 5 Beta driver from here , directly from amd native website for download 12.3 Beta 5 BETA.

12.3 Beta 5 Beta

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The New version of driver, is available for Notebooks and Computer PC

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