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Force your Notebook or PC to start from USB Stick - Guide

How to force your device : Notebook or Computer PC to start / boot from USB drive

Hello dear visitor. Do you have a netbook with no dvd or cd? or a laptop with broken dvd? Or maybe you want to install Windows or Linux on a USB stick to install a speed much higher? Well then you should not do but to follow our guide, but first download this tiny app.

1. Insert Bootable Usb Stick (windows xp, windows 7, windows 8, linux)

2. Download application from above link.

3. Un-pack the archive with this app

4. Now go to folder where you early unpack called with exact name with version of app

5. Now, go to folder Windows and start plpcfgbtGUI.exe (see image)

Now select : Open, then press OK to finish the process then press Quit.

Job Done.

Now restart your computer pc, laptop, netbook, ultrabook...anything with windows and then select to boot from plop, and then select USB and your device will start from usb stick no doubt.

Force your Notebook or PC to start from USB Stick - Guide

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